Founded by Wu Guang Hong, a veteran agent of experienced professional Taiwanese opera artists, Xin Yi Fang Taiwanese Opera Troupe integrates simple local aesthetics and new concepts and trends in an effort to revitalize traditional arts and convey the culture essence of Taiwanese opera.

Kaohsiung-based Artists Taiwanese Opera Troupe has been in existence for almost 70 years and continues to promote culture in southern Taiwan with its widely-recognized “soft power”. Since 2004, this group has received the Kaohsiung Cultivated Outstanding Performance Group award numerous years and performed “zhu shou” shows at the Taichung Mazu International Festival for 10 consecutive years.

Brand-new Jin Guang puppetry, created by new director Wang Ying-Jun, showcases breakthroughs and innovations via original performances that include flying puppets, face-changing and arrow-shooting, expanding beyond old traditions with new roles and new fun. Even puppet designs adopt modern fashions in an attempt to attract younger audiences while also maintaining loyal viewers.